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Surgical Tech Jobs - A Growing Field

Healthcare is among the quickest-growing U.S. industries, and a key driver of new job growth. Healthcare generated 258,000 jobs within the first 75 % of 2011 - nearly as much as the 263,400 health care jobs produced as a whole in 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Healthcare is expected to create 344,000 new jobs for 2012, on par with 2007. The BLS also expects 22.5% employment expansion between 2008 and 2018 - 2x the 11% rate forecasted for all industries. This suggests a favorable healthcare job picture, and indicates that healthcare jobs will grow in number and importance.

Aging baby boomers play a key role in driving new surgical tech jobs along with other healthcare jobs. Seniors become ill and many encounter more health issues compared to the general population. More surgeries will be performed as baby boomers age, driving growth in surgical tech jobs and healthcare occupations.
In a recent article, cites Eric Dickerson, controlling director at employer Kaye/Bassman Worldwide in Dallas - "Skilled workers are in demand because patient demand is so high." The report also points out that healthcare employees are aging and will retire in the near future. This signifies a vibrant future for surgical tech jobs and healthcare as a whole.

How to Land Surgical Tech Jobs

First, those who are certified will be most qualified for surgical tech jobs. Consider pursuing the CST credential.

Second, refine your resume. Surgical tech jobs require the right training, experience, clinical rotations, an understanding of medical and surgical terminology, sterilization and aseptic techniques, and many other competencies. Make your resume easy to scan by including a clear objective, a profile summary, and a keyword sections. Be sure to highlight the keywords you find in job postings. In the professional experience section, highlight specific accomplishments to show how you have added value to previous employers. Finally, make sure to include any specialized training you have completed, along with your formal education and any relevant certifications.

Third, search out top employers in your area. Make sure to research the employer and its culture, so you can ask informed questions. Online research can yield a lot of information - check the company website and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The the best places to seek surgical tech jobs are going to be hospitals, niche hospitals, outpatient care centers, offices of doctors, and offices of dental practitioners.

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