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Unique Purses - 4 Places You Need to Take Them

If you're a true fashionista, you know that the right outfit is nothing without the right purse. If you're sick of carrying the same ol' handbag, buy some unique purses. You'll be able to take them just about anywhere, including:

1. A trip to the beach

Just because you're headed off for a day of sun, surf, and relaxation, you still need a way to carry all of your stuff. By having fashion tote bags on hand that match your bathing suit and cover-up, you can look trendy while you lug around your suntan lotion, that trashy romance novel, and your mp3 player.

As an added benefit, lots of fashion tote bags are made out of cloth and other washing machine-friendly materials, so that they're easy to keep clean. After all, dried suntan lotion, salt water, and old sand aren't a good look!

2. A business luncheon

When you're trying to get some quality networking done, you don't have the luxury of not carrying your business cards, your planner, your laptop, or some lip gloss for touch-ups. Luckily, with leather tote bags, you can fit all of that stuff in neatly, without having to look like a bag lady. Leather tote bags are roomy enough for everything you need - but they still look stylish and chic. Just make sure you have enough on hand to match each one of your business suits. After all, you don't want to clash!

3. A barbecue

Whether it's a 4th of July bash or just a relaxing afternoon at a friend's house, you still want to look your best. But with all of that smoke and barbecue sauce lying around, you don't want to risk taking one of your expensive bags. That's why discount leather handbags are perfect! They give you a touch of elegance, but if something gets spilled on them, it won't break your budget to get another one.

Discount leather handbags will look perfect with that pair of skinny jeans and tank top, that sundress, or that denim mini skirt and tube top. That way, no matter what fashion statement you're trying to make, you'll have a purse that complements it!

4. A cocktail party

When you're dressed to the nines, unique purses can make an even bigger splash. For example, a tiny rhinestone clutch is the perfect way to add some sizzle to your black cocktail dress. Or, a sequined mini purse will add some pop to your red dress. As long as they're not too big, unique purses allow you to make a fashion statement, without looking tacky.

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