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Important Tips For Keyword Research

You need to do keyword research to determine exaclty what people are looking for when they surf the web.

So many times I have people say "I'm writing articles or blog posts, but I'm not seeing any results".

Most of the time these peole are not doing keyword research before they start writing.

It doesn't matter what your passion, niche or background is I can guarantee someone else online is looking for the value you can provide them.

Remember people love stores and even if you article or post is about a personal story you can still add in keywords.

So to get started think of a topic and then go to

This will generate a list of phrases similar to the keywords you typed in and next to each phrase it will tell the global monthly and local monthly searches for that phrase.

You will also see a column for competition and that will either be high, medium or low.

Look for the lowest competition and highest monthly searches.

Once you find that phrase you then want to use it in your title and then throughout the body of the article or post.  Now by throughout I don't mean in every single sentence be sure it is at the beginning, middle and end.

I know I have thought of a phrase and typed it into the keyword research tool and found that people are not looking for the phrase at all but some very different variations of it.

So while you may think that just because this is how you would search for something it may be very different from how people are actually searching for it.

You can even do an "organic" search for the keyword phrase which means that you would type the keywords into say a Google search and see what types of things come up.  Look at the first couple sites that come up and see how they pertain to the keyword phrase you have come up with.

By looking at what others are doing especially those top five sites that come up you can get some great ideas on what you might want to write about.  Just be sure you don't copy anything from someone else word for word.

So in final thoughts be sure that you do your keyword research before writing this way you will be able to attract a much bigger audience.

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Colette Summers

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