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How to Get Back into the Service with an RE-4

    • 1). Consult with a recruitment officer on the specific reasons for your discharge. An RE-4 discharge is usually dishonorable, but not always; a discharge for any non-dishonorable reason may give you a means to appeal to a recruitment officer and to re-enter the service.

    • 2). Send proof to your commanding officer (or a recruitment officer) of having overcome any social, emotional or intellectual limitations preventing your from participating in military life. Many of the reasons for an RE-4 discharge are based upon an inability to adapt to the military, so proving your ability to do so now -- despite previous barriers -- offers you a way to petition your commanding officer or other military official to either change your status or to accept you in spite of it.

    • 3). Present yourself to a recruitment officer in terms of any special skills acquired during or after your military training. Judging by the army's own internal communications, it does want to enlist recruits already able to assist current operations, so informing the army of your specific ability to do so may give them at least some reason to ignore any prior difficulties on your record.

    • 4). Ask your former commander, or a commander available to you, to state his unit's need for someone with your skills to a recruitment officer. The recruitment officer, on receiving such a notice, will have to make at least some search for possible recruits already able to perform such actions; as a result, you may become a candidate to fill the corresponding position on that unit's duty roster.

    • 5). Enter the reserves. This may be at least somewhat easier than entering the full-time service; it will also make you more available to army Career Counselors and Recruitment Officers.

    • 6). Give evidence of your rehabilitation to a recruitment officer or your former commanding officer. One prerequisite for many dishonorable discharges is the refusal or the inability of the soldier in question to end objectionable behaviors; therefore, proof of having done so may remove at least one reason for your status and increase your chances for re-enlistment.

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