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Top 5 Trends of Luxury Swimwear for 2010

With the Sao Paulo Fashion Week and the Miami Swim Fashion Week 2010 now over, it is always interesting to review what the top luxury swimsuit designers are proposing for next year - before hitting the beach, that is!

So here are the top 5 trends for 2010, straight from the runaways:

  1. Bandeaux: Bare shoulders will keep heads turning next year, as bandeaux tops are still favorite among designers. For a very sultry look, select ones with details at the center, such as a keyhole and string in V bandeaux, twisted or just a very eye-catching hardware in between the cups.

  2. Trikinis: Sometimes also called monikinis, these have the top and bottom connected at the center - think one-piece with the sides cutout. These look great for bodies in shape, but any spillage would be very easy to detect and become an unflattering look. One other thing - think of the tan lines!

  3. Colors/Patterns: What seemed to go for previous season is still true for next year - you can't go wrong with animal prints, black and white combinations and 60's geometric patterns. Not much floral was showcased this time around. In terms of colors, the leading shades were in the red/pink/orange family, blue tones (more turquoise than navy hues) and naturally, whites, blacks and browns.

  4. Rings (and other details): Designers love to accessorize their creations with beads, metallic based details, and of course - rings! Large and medium sized rings connecting the top straps to the cups, or the swimsuit bottoms, still prove to be a great way to turn the glam up on any beachwear.

  5. Kaftans: These cover up dresses rooted in the Eastern culture have really taken over the runaways and are perfect to use over your designer swimsuit. They are cute, practical and great for any body type. While some colorful patterns were showcased, the solid colors with some type of embroidering work (around the neck, sleeves or bottom), were still very popular among designers.

While some trends such as ruffles and fringes are also noteworthy, the list above rounds up the main tendencies for next year. With these trends in mind, look for a swimsuit with a cut and fit that complements your body for the ultimate sharp look!

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