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Men"s Jeans Buying Guide

Having a range of jeans which meets different needs can be quite tricky if one is unaware of the choices available. Some of us are stuck with one or two types and inherently feel the need for more variety in our wardrobe. There is no need to despair as there are many options in terms of price range, styles, and the different type of denim €washes€ for the discerning buyer. Matching your jeans to your lifestyle is the endeavor of this buying guide.

Types of Denim Washes
The processing method of any particular type of denim is called "wash" that result in providing unique and different look for each wash. The types of denim wash includes:

Washed Denim
Most of the jeans manufactured today are washed denim. Dark shades of dye are used to color the denim during the manufacture process. Excess dye is washed away and what is left is the washed denim jeans.

Raw Denim
In this case, the dye is not washed away after applying the same in the manufacturing process. The natural process of fading makes it feel that this has happened on account of regular wear and tear. People who are conscious of fashion and willing to shell out more than washed denim jeans are the customers of raw denim.

Acid Wash
When denim is washed with chlorine and pumice stones, it becomes almost white and this jeans is known as having been acid washed. Youngsters who identify themselves with rock and heavy metal bands prefer this type of jeans.

Stone Wash
Originally large stones were used as part of the manufacturing process to pound the denim fibers to make them soft and flexible. In recent times, similar effects are now brought about by chemicals. An extremely popular form of jeans, at least one of this is a must for every man's wardrobe, and it is ideal to wear for the casual and friendly occasions.

Dirty Wash
Dirty washed jeans give the look of being used jeans. This is possible by giving them a pre-wash during the manufacturing process that makes it appear dirty or worn out. Most of these jeans carry a tinge of khaki or beige look in them.

Vintage Wash
Some people prefer jeans that look old but cared for. Vintage jeans provides just that. Thanks to the pre-washing process, the vintage jeans gives the feeling of being just used enough and is a favorite of most people.

Types of Cuts
There are multiple cuts styles of jeans available in market and it's hard to keep all of them. The popular types of jeans cuts are:

Boot Cut Jeans
A slight flare out at the bottoms, so that the jeans go over the boots are called boot-cut jeans. Suitable for almost any body shape, this gives you a slimming effect. This is a recommended purchase for the fashionable ones.

Relaxed Fit Jeans
It sits below the waist and is cut to be loose through the thigh with a relaxed leg opening. This kind of jeans is ideal for men who have excess weight, but may look baggy and out of sorts when worn by thin men.

Skinny Fit Jeans
This type of jeans works well for the skinny or thin male. It makes them look smarter and desirable. However, for men who have heavier bodies, these jeans would make them look out of shape and is not recommended. Since these are tight-fitting jeans and do not provide for sufficient space in the groin area, it could compromise on their health if worn for long periods of time.

Slim Fit Jeans
This type of jeans is cut narrow through the thigh and slim below the knees but not tight. The person wearing this looks fashionable on one hand and also feels comfortable on the other as it is not as figure-hugging as the skinny fit jeans.

Straight cut Jeans
This type of jeans is conventional and natural looking and sits at your natural waist and feature a straight leg. These jeans are neither too tight nor too loose and are suitable for regular use.

Types of Rises
Low-Rise Jeans
Suitable for the men endowed with an athletic or muscular look as the low-rise jeans sits well below the buttons of belly and has a tendency to reveal the midriff every time one moves the arms. Long shirts covering the middle area is recommended for regular folks without the muscles in the mid-section.

Medium-Rise Jeans
For men with regular body shapes, the medium rise jeans is recommended, which makes one look stylish.

High-waist Jeans
For men who have extra pounds in the middle and would want to hide the same from unnecessary attention, the high-waist jeans is a great option.

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